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$5 crypto wallet
6 months

Cointiply is a new BitCoin Faucet (02/2018) where you will earn coins through faucet every hour from 18 coins to 100 000 coins, according to spin-ed value (1-10 000, 100 000 coins is for hitting 10 000 spin) and your multiplier bonus (1x – 2x) Other than the regular faucet you can earn money by playing games, watching videos, completing offers and even through browser mining. You can withdraw to your Bitcoin Wallet directly (08/2018: BTC and DOGE, threshold is 100 000 coins) or to your faucet hub account (threshold is 35 000 coins). Probably the more interesting feature was “Cointiply Mining Game”. It has been canceled 12/2018 due to its unsustainability – too high ROI – due to bad calculation of site owners (their explanation). One can buy Preminum membership for 17 000 coins/months, it have some advantages.

1. Earn bitcoins from: Top research, adscend media, peanut lab, poll fish, offer daddy, minute staff, offer toro, persona, adgate media, wanna ads (they updated it frequently)1. Site pays in Coins pegged to the dollar (10,000:1), so your earnings remain consistent. (Coins worth more than 1 satoshi with BTC below $10K)
2. Win 18-100,000 Coins every hour- every prize is winnable
3. Site pays a bonus for every prime number you roll (additional 29 coins)
4. Loyalty bonus pays 1% per day of consecutive logins (max 100%), need to spin at least once per day or it falls to zero (with Premium membership you can miss 2 days)
5. High-paying offerwalls, and we constantly monitor to be on top
6. Fun video games that pay you (12/2018 not available)
7. Withdrawal options: Direct to your wallet (BTC or Doge), or to FaucetHub in BTC
8. Ethereum withdrawals coming! (08/2018, 12/2018 still did not come)
9. Support browser mining, paying 5 Coins per 100K hashes
10. Cointiply mining game – opportunity for players interested in investing their earning for longer term profit. (Canceled 12/2018)
11. 5% annual interest on your Coin balances over 35,000 Coins

Coin to claim: BTC
Value of Claim: 90 Sat
Referral: 25%
Payout: $5
Payment Gateway: crypto wallet
Since: 2017
Language: English
Monitored Since: 6 months
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