TORUM has recently ended the private beta participation airdrop, so no users will receive the 333 XTM private beta registration reward starting from 20th July.

When the news broke out, TORUM Landers managed to invite over 30 new members into the TORUM community within 10 hours.

We are touched by the active support and effort of you Landers to help TORUM achieve its vision as the central social gathering platform for cryptocurrency community in the future.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Signup at Torum website
  2. Verify Your email and phone number
  3. Join Torum Discord server:
  4. Like or Follow Torum on either
    * Facebook:
    * Twitter:
  5. Share or Retweet:
    * Facebook: (Must set to public)
    * Twitter:
  6. Join Torum Reddit community
  7. Join Torum Telegram
  8. Fill up this form and you are complete.Note: This airdrop might take 1 – 3 days to be reflected in your TORUM account.
Coin/Token Per claim : 333 XTM
Referral : 100 XTM
Max Participants : N/A
Airdrop total :
Ticker : XTM
Platform : ERC20
Coin/Token Price : N/A
Airdrop End Date : 31/07/2020
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