Xfinance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, which aims to build an aggregated liquidity pool, a leveraged trading platform, automatic market making, and other functional platforms. XFI is the equity token of the Xfinance platform. Users can get this token by providing liquidity to the platform’s aggregate liquidity pool.

Xfinance and NowEx are jointly airdropping 20 XFI tokens to the airdrop participants. Create an account at NowEx, complete simple social tasks and submit your details to the Telegram bot to receive the tokens. Also get 5 XFI for each referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Create an account at NowEx.
  2. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  3. Join their Telegram group.
  4. Follow them on Twitter, retweet the pinned tweet and post a tweet mentioned on the bot.
  5. Submit your details to the Telegram bot.
  6. You will get 20 XFI tokens.
  7. Also get 5 XFI for each referral.
  8. The tokens will be distributed on August 30th.
Coin/Token Per claim : 20 XFI
Referral : 5 XFI
Max Participants :
Airdrop total :
Ticker : XFI
Platform : ERC20
Coin/Token Price : $0.3
Airdrop End Date : 30/08/2020
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