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zincum airdrop


~$60 + Ref

Minter is a blockchain that allows you to create, transfer, exchange currencies instantly and without restrictions between them, exchange for Bitcoin, Ether and even USD. This is a new generation cryptocurrency. The name of the network comes from the Internet of Money — Minter.

New airdrop by ZincumChain (Zincum)
Reward: 200 Zincum ($66)
Remarks: Listed on Chainlink Exchange
Focus: Distributed on November 30

Step bys Step Guide :

  1.  Register on the Minter platform
  2. Chat with Telegram airdrop bot
  3. Follow instructions on the bot
  4. Create wallet for received airdrop
  5. Submit your BIP address and detail.
  6. Earn 150 Zincum for each referral.
  7. Done

Read how to get BIP wallet address here.

Note: Zincum token has been listed on Chainik exchange and will distribute airdrop reward on November 30. Please remember that all airdrops should be free.


Coin/Token Per claim: 200 ZINCUM
Referral: 150 ZINCUM
Max Participants:
Airdrop total:
Ticker: ZINCUM
Platform: Minter Blockhain
Coin/Token Price: $0.33
Airdrop End Date: 30/11/2020
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